The sovereign invigorator of the body is exercise,
and of all exercises walking is the best. -Thomas Jefferson-

Healthy recipe: Tiramisu mille-feuille with red fruits salad

Fruit dessert: Tiramisu mille-feuille with red fruits salad Despite what is commonly thought, desserts can be healthy and delicious at the same time and, undoubtedly, this delicious tiramisu mille-feuille with red fruits salad from the SHAMADI‘s  restaurant is the best example to prove it.   Ingredients for the pastry: 1 layer of Pastry: Besides its [...]

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5 foods that will help you enhance your tan

How to keep your tan for a longer time After a well-deserved summer holidays, one of our main objectives is the maintenance of the beautiful golden skin tone that we get during them; that is why today we show you which 5 foods will help you achieving and maintaining a healthy tan. 5 foods that [...]

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Drinking quality water: The new water that ionizes

Water that ionizes at SHA Wellness Clinic Water, main source of life and health, composes the 75% of our body becoming a key for the development of our organism and our life in a healthy way; that is why at SHA Wellness Clinic, we take care and promote the use of quality water.   3 [...]

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