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Beauty: Protect your hair in summer

Health and beauty: How to protect your hair against sun damage Hair care is one of our main concerns throughout the year (the use of shampoos, hair masks, hair dryers and hair irons cause an intense damage in our hair); that is why during summer months, when the sun shines more intensely is really important [...]

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Food that will help you to protect the skin from psoriasis

Food to prevent psoriasis What is psoriasis? Psoriasis is a chronic inflammatory skin disease characterized by causing irritation, swelling, redness and the inevitable presence of plaques with silvery scales and cracks. Its appearance may be sudden or gradual, and the injuries get worst in stress periods on the person, because in that kind of circumstances [...]

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How can I prevent flu and colds?

We tend to believe that with the arrival of cold weather it is common to appear typical processes and symptoms of flu and colds. However, according to Isabel Moreno, our expert on nutrition and natural therapies, “in autumn colds should not be normal, but we are very used to this happening for example with the [...]

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