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SHA Method


The SHA Method is a health and wellness blog created by the team of SHA Wellness Clinic. But in addition, the SHA Method is the unique and custom procedure we used in SHA to achieve better health for our guests through the merger of healthy nutrition, the best natural therapies, mainly from ancient Eastern knowledge, and the latest techniques Western.

This method is applied in a practical way to a series of specific programs that seek, through therapies and treatments, achieve health goals such as specific lose weight in a healthy way, reduce stress, detoxify the body, stop smoking or sleep well .

Natural therapies regard disease as an imbalance between body, mind and spirit, promoting thus the self-healing power of the body. Acupuncture, shiatsu, yoga, chi-kung, tai-chi, Watsu, physical therapy, laughter therapy, reflexology, moxibustion or reiki, are just some of the treatments that we offer you.

Moreover, a key factor in our method is healthy nutrition. Guests who come to SHA with a program have at least one health consultation with one of our specialists in healthy nutrition that will set the guidelines for their diet in our SHAMADI restaurant. However, those who do not come with a program they can also enjoy a healthier diet without sacrificing their gourmet spirit.

But besides all this, SHA is not just a place to come to feel better and get healthy, but also a center where learning a new and much healthier lifestyle, thoughtful and respectful of the environment, thanks to our collective activities at SHA Life Learning Program. This program includes talks, exercises, walks and lectures, so that our visitors leave with more joy, positive results, good experiences and the tools to keep when returning to home a healthier lifestyle.

This blog aims to keep that spirit of learning and transmitting knowledge and extend it to all who share our interest in natural health and wellbeing of people. We want to help you and guide you on the road to a better and longer life with tips, recommendations and knowledge divided into the main categories of this blog: Healthy Nutrition, Natural Therapies, Health & Beauty, Wellness & Relax, Sport and Be SHA.

Welcome to the SHA Method.



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