If we leave Nature alone, she recovers gently from the disorder into which she has fallen.
It is our anxiety, our impatience, which spoils all, and nearly all men die from their remedies, not of their diseases.

Health: Meditation and wellness tecniques

Masahiro Ouchi visits SHA Wellness Clinic

The frenetic way of life that the society we live in requires, prevents us to get completely disconnected from our daily duties and get body, mind and spirit rest in the way they really need; therefore, practices such as meditation or martial arts like Tai Chi are so beneficial for our health.


Meditation techniques


The benefits of Tai Chi

Popularly known as an ancient martial art, Tai Chi reduces stress and anxiety while improving body flexibility and mental balance, generating a perfect harmony between body and mind, creating a favorable balance between the two of them. Besides that, it has another kind of benefits such as strengthening arms and legs and even helps reducing blood pressure.

In addition, other techniques such as meditation or Chi Kung, are also beneficial to help our body reaching the optimal state that it needs.

Masahiro Ouchi
Masahiro Ouchi visits SHA Wellness Clinic

The prestigious director of the japanese institute ‘Chi Nei Tsang’, of the ‘Healing Tao’ in New York and the ‘Universal Healing Tao’ of Japan, Masahiro Ouchi, visits SHA Wellness Clinic from 13th until June 18th to share his wisdom about the ‘TaoZen Practice‘, a healing practice developed by Ouchi himself and characterized by the perfect combination between meditation, Tai Chi, Chi Kung, Life Empowerment, physical and mental training and breathing techniques.

One of the missions of Masahiro Ouchi is based on instilling the importance of meditation as well as exploring the use of traditional techniques to transmit this philosophy to the new generations. A necessary help to rest properly.


Get your body, mind and spirit balanced and get in touch with yourself. Your health will thank you!

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  • elizabethportman, 7 agosto, 2014 at 8:05
    The best way that we can create that change is to change our thoughts from being negative to positive. The positive discovery about meditation is that we are focusing within our self and becoming free of negativity.