Let the food be your medicine, and the medicine be your food.

Wellness & Relax

How to manage the stress: relaxation and meditation

Relaxation and meditation for managing the stress

Nowadays, it is really difficult to find someone without stress. However, as explained by our psychologist Noelia Aguirre, stress does not have to be bad: “If we understand the stress as our alarm at the dangers, we will accept that it is wise to experience some level of stress: if not, we would feel unprotected. [...]

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Exercise for a better sleep

Sleep well

Many times, although we are tired, we have trouble sleeping and we don’t rest properly. The lack of sleep impairs our quality of life, reduces our productivity and concentration at work and increases the risk of physical and psychological problems. Therefore, a good rest is essential for our wellbeing, and a way to help us [...]

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Welcome to the blog of SHA!

SHA Yoga Class (02)

Hi all! Welcome to the new blog of SHA Wellness Clinic. For those who do not know us yet, we are a pioneering wellness clinic located on the beach of Albir, close to the picturesque town of Altea (Alicante). At SHA we are dedicated to significantly improve and prolong the health and wellbeing of our [...]

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