Life is not living, but living in health.

Wellness & Relax

Factors such as sleep and breathe well or know how to manage the stress are essential to feel better and healthier. In fact, lack of sleep and relaxation or anxiety, are some of the most common causes of premature aging. Therefore, in this category we talk about techniques and tips that help you to relax, relax and feel good.

Winter time switch over


Time switch over affects us ? With the season`s change, between once and twice a year, time is changed.  Spain and many countries of the north hemisphere (UTC +1) will delay the clocks an hour, gaining one hour. You must be wondering when the switch over will be. This will take place this Sunday 26th of [...]

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Five tips to avoid post-vacation syndrome

Get back to work with a smile SHA Wellness Clinic

Guidelines to adjust yourself to the routine as quick as possible After summer holidays, the return to work and to the normal routine, give rise to a complex adaptation period that is popularly known as “post-vacation syndrome” or “post vacation blues” that can be identified because of the stress caused by schedule changes, habits, and [...]

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Healthy books to enjoy your days off

Healthy summer: Book recommendations for this summer SHA Wellness Clinic

Do you like reading? We give you 3 book recommendations for relaxing this summer Summer holidays have finally arrived! Beach, sea, sun (always protecting your skin with sunscreen) and plenty of free time for enjoying the things you love most, like reading; that is why today we recommend you three books for learning and having [...]

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Benefits of sleeping 8 hours

6 hours sleep

Sleep 8 hours Do we really need to sleep 8 hours?  Everyone has heard the phrase “We need to sleep 8 hours a day” or “Sleeping 8 hours is good for health.” But, is this statement true? 8 hours is the approximate average we need sleep, but each person has his individual needs and the [...]

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5 tips to truly relax on vacation

rest on holidays

How to truly rest on holidays Although it seems contradictory, during the summer are detected increased levels of stress and anxiety, which suppose we return to work or routine with high levels of anxiety, and often also with several extra kilos for not eating properly. Holidays are needed to rest and recover lost energy during our [...]

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10 benefits of a good sleep

sleep well benefits

The body is governed by a biological clock that marks the time when it should perform each of its functions. Some of those related to beauty and youth occur at night, while you sleep. Therefore it is very important to rest well and sleep well at night because it brings many health benefits. Dr. Vicente [...]

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Summer treatments

summer special spa treatments

Summer is made ​​to enjoy, relax, have fun, rest… and we give you the perfect formula to make the most of this summer. Experts say summer is the best time not only to relax and eliminate stress, but to fulfill purposes such as quitting smoking, changing to a healthier lifestyle with a healthy diet and [...]

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Treatments for a healthy pregnancy

Massage for pregnant women

During pregnancy, many women experience periods of stress, accumulated fatigue and other negative symptoms that can harm not only mother’s health but also the unborn baby. It is therefore important that pregnant women especially take care both inside and outside, enjoying prenatal massage and treatments specially designed for pregnant women. The most recommended massage for [...]

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Home remedies for headache

headache relief

Hello everyone! Today we share with you the most effective and natural home remedies for headache from the hand of Kenneth Prange, expert in nutrition and natural therapies. Unfortunately, headaches and migraines (common in over 12% of the world population), often accompanied by dizziness and even fever, are becoming more common in today’s society and the [...]

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Massage Therapy

Massage Therapy at SHA spa

 Body massages at SHA “Everyone should take a massage a week“. This sentence was said by our therapist Paco Aviles in the interview we did to him. But he is not the only one who thinks so. Increasingly, therapists, doctors and experts say that massage therapy is one of the best ways to take care [...]

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