If we leave Nature alone, she recovers gently from the disorder into which she has fallen.
It is our anxiety, our impatience, which spoils all, and nearly all men die from their remedies, not of their diseases.


Performing regular exercise is essential to keep a healthy lifestyle. Therefore, from this blog we will encourage you to perform a series of physical activities that will help you improve your body, mind and spirit. Mens sana in corpore sano.

Fitness: Exercises for firmer arms

Workout routine: Shoulder exercise SHA Wellness Clinic

Get firmer arms with this workout routine Just like the diet, exercise is essential for a healthy balance between our body and our organism; so today, we show you a workout routine for getting firmed and shaped arms, so you could get a healthier figure. Workout routine: Exercise 1 – Exercise for biceps and forearm [...]

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Get fit with the summer outdoor sports

Summer sport: Paddle Surf

Health: The most refreshing sports for your summer holidays Increasingly, sport has become an essential part of our lives and summer is the perfect time to practice and try some outdoor sports that will help us to get fit in the most refreshing way. Stay tunned to our summer outdoor sports list for this holiday [...]

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Legs workout

Easy exercises for great legs Summer is near and we all want to know how to have perfect legs. Our personal trainer Elisabeth Briegas has prepared this simple Exercises and routines to get perfect legs to get you started right now to get those great legs! Exercise 1: Starting position: Lying face down legs and arms outstretched [...]

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Ai Chi: Tai Chi in the water

Ai Chi: Relaxation and exercise in the water

Introduccion to Ai Chi Ai chi is a strengthening and relaxation technique, similar to Tai chi, but with the difference that it is performed into the water. Ai Chi fuses East and West philosophies, and it integrates physical, mental and spiritual energy. Ai Chi was created to assist  people that are going through physical rehabilitation [...]

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Special father´s day: the best treatment for men

foto dia del padre

The best treatment for men   Stress, lack of sleep and poor diet are characteristics that are more and more present in the lifestyle of today´s men. Therefore, and since Father´s Day is around the corner, we are presenting some original gift ideas for them on their day. According to the latest statistics, the concern [...]

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Excercises for a healthy back

postural reeducation

Postural Re-education for a Healthy Back Backache Back pain is considered by many experts as the “evil of the century”. Nearly 8 in 10 people experience some form of discomfort or illness in the spine: low back pain, neck pain, herniated discs, muscle spasms, scoliosis, sciatica… there are many back diseases and the vast majority [...]

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BAL: Butt, Abs & Legs

fitness for butt abs and legs

BAL: firm buttocks, six pack abs  and perfect legs What is BAL? BAL training system comes from the union of three words that define exactly what it is: Butt, Abs and Legs. Practicing BAL consists of a group of exercises dedicated to strengthening and toning these three areas that are often the most affected ir [...]

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Exercises for a healthy heart

heart disease

 How to prevent cardiovascular disease What are cardiovascular diseases? Cardiovascular diseases or heart diseases are those health problems related to the functioning of the heart and now represent a major cause of mortality in developed countries, causing more deaths than cancer and AIDS together. How can prevent heart disease? The basic recommendations of the World [...]

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TBC: Total Body Conditioning


TBC Fitness: Total Body Conditioning To get fit and lose weight after Christmas we don’t only need a healthy diet but also to do some exercise so we can recover our phyisical condition. One of the funniest and more effective forms of exercise at the moment is Total Body Conditioning Fitness, consisting of various exercises [...]

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Passive exercice

fitness for lazy people

We never know the departure time from work, and often we do not have time for practice any sport or we feel tired after a long day. The passive exercise through appliances, also known as “fitness for lazy people“,  is the solution to keep in shape without any excuse. The results of passive exercise vary [...]

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