Success is not the key to happiness. Happiness is the key to success. If you love what you are doing you will be successful.

Natural therapies

Reiki healing

SHA reiki healing

Reiki means “Universal energy” in Japanese but… what is reiki? Reiki is an energy natural therapy originating from Japan which channels human energy through the hands of an expert or reiki master on the energy centres or “chakras” to eliminate certain pains by balancing the mind, body and emotions, thus achieving harmonious energy in a [...]

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The best slimming massages


As we are all getting ready for summer in this season, many of you ask us about the best treatments for weight loss and reducing volume. So today we present some massages that will help in your purpose of losing weight without effort. The manual Lymphatic Drainage Massage helps to eliminate toxins and excess fluid, [...]

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The 15 key benefits of meditation according to Stuart Bold


Today we talk about natural health and evidence-based health and wellbeing benefits of meditation and mindfulness in people’s life. Quite simply, the range of health benefits (physical, mental and emotional) are extensive and quite incredible. The learning and practice of meditation is highly effective for pro-active healthcare, for improving health and wellbeing and for addressing [...]

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Allergy remedies

Natural remedies to fight hay fever

Allergy solutions Spring is a difficult season for those who suffer from allergic rhinitis Once winter is over, with the spring, temperatures start to rise and allergic rhinitis or hay fever, which is basically allergies to dust or allergies to pollen, become a common problem that affects many allergic people who seek solutions and remedies for [...]

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Guest Therapist: John Tsagaris


Hi all! As we told you in this post, the famous therapist John Tsagaris is coming SHA for a week, from 23rd to 30th of March, to offer our guests some of his star treatments for skin rejuvenation. John Tsagaris is one of the most celebrated doctors of Traditional Chinese Medicine in UK and internationally, [...]

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The definitive method to quit smoking


One of your New Year’s resolutions was to quit smoking and you still do it? With our Anti-tobbaco program not only we help you overcome this challenge but also we provide some tips to stop smoking and not relapse again in the future. You know there are many benefits of quitting smoking for the health [...]

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Karen Himlok: one of the most acclaimed therapist in the world visits SHA


As we told you in this post, over the next few months we will have the honor of receiving highly acclaimed international visiting consultants who have been invited to teach and share their talents and skills of natural therapies. The first visiting consultant is Karen Himlok from South Africa who will be with us until [...]

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Top Therapists at SHA: Karen Himlok, Paco Avilés, Larry Fujimoto and John Tsagaris

Famous therapists: Karen Himlok, Paco Avilés, Larry Fujimoto and John Tsagaris

Hi all! Today we would like to introduce you to four top therapists that are coming to SHA in the next months to transfer their knowledge and do some treatments of their specialities. In SHA Wellness Clinic we like to always work with the best professionals and collaborate with the best international therapists  to learn [...]

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Ayurvedic massages and their health benefits


Do you know what an ayurvedic massage is? Probably, you have heard of this type of massage and question yourself which health benefits can it bring? An Ayurvedic massage is performed with warm essential oils following the guidelines of Ayurveda school. Ayurvedic medicine is an Indian traditional medicine. The term “Ayurveda” means “science of life” [...]

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Medicinal teas and natural drinks that will help you feel better

Medicinal teas and natural drinks are good to treat any ailment

The patterns of healthy nutrition and natural therapies that we follow at SHA often include medicinal teas and beverages made ​​from natural ingredients that help our guests to achieve their concrete health goals. Our health and nutrition experts agree that in today’s society we tend to medicate more than necessary because we don’t know very [...]

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