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Healthy nutrition

Vitamin Deficiency

Lack of vitamin

What makes us lose vitamins? In a previous post we talked about the importance of vitamins in our healthy diet and how vitamin supplements can help us when there is a vitamin deficiency in our body. But how does the vitamin deficiency appear? Vitamin Deficiency Besides the lack of whole and natural foods, there are other [...]

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Vitamin Supplements


Vitamin our body needs Why do we need vitamin? It is common knowledge the need of vitamins for the proper functioning of our body because without vitamin the body is not able to draw upon the construction and energy elements supplied by food as vitamins involved in the metabolism of carbohydrates, fats and protein. Moreover, [...]

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Why to follow a dairy free diet

dairy intake

Why dairy are harmful to health? Dairy intake Despite the fact that according to many nutrition experts cow’s milk is basically indigestible for most humans, traditional peoples throughout Northern Europe, India, and parts of Northern Africa found that by boiling milk or fermenting it into yoghurt and cheese, they could turn it into a highly [...]

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The 5 best foods for weight loss in summer

mushrooms for weightloss

How to lose weight in summer Although traditionally the summer and holidays are considered a time of excess and relaxation regarding diet, we must change our mindset and consider summer as the best time to take care and action to lose those extra kilos that we have gained. In summer we have more leisure time [...]

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Ginger benefits

ginger properties

Ginger is one of the healthiest seasonings there are and also gives very particular taste to our healthy cuisine. The properties of ginger are numerous and have been recognized since antiquity, because ginger provides many health benefits. For this reason, it takes many centuries being used in Asian cooking, though in small amounts. Ginger benefits [...]

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5 health benefits of seaweed

health benefits of seaweed superfoods

Seaweed –also known as sea vegetables or sea plants- consumption has increased over the past several years due to the popularity of superfoods in the mainstream. People wanting to feel and look better, lose weight and have more energy. Stores everywhere carry packages of seaweed or sea vegetables ready to eat as well as the [...]

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Healthy Recipes: ice cream for diabetics

sugar free ice cream recipe

Hello everyone! Today we share one of our favorite summer recipes: an ice cream recipe that is lactose free, egg free and sugar free. The perfect ice cream recipe for diabetics, lactose intolerant, intolerant to eggs, celiacs… or simply for people who want to enjoy summer without sacrificing their health. It’s an easy, cheap and [...]

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Tips to eat healthy away from home

SHA dining room 01

Whether for work or travel and events, today we usually eat out of home quite often, and many times we find it difficult to maintain a healthy diet. Therefore, we share some general guidelines to eat out without gaining weight and great recommendations of healthy dishes depending on the type of restaurant you go. First, [...]

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5 tips for weight loss


The perfect plan to lose weight successfully 1. Identify your ideal weight Find out what is your ideal weight  and make that your goal. And if you don’t know what that might be, try to calculate what your BMI (Body Mass Index) should be. Now you have a weight goal to shoot for. Practice in [...]

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Gluten free recipe for celiacs


Healthy Recipes: cake of millet for celiacs Celiac disease is a disease that affects our digestive system and is characterized by chronic inflammation of the small intestine caused by gliadin, a component of gluten present in many cereals we commonly eat (wheat, barley, rye, spelled, oat …) and that people with celiac disease should stop [...]

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