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Healthy nutrition

Christmas recipe: red berries cake

healthy and easy dessert for christmas: berries cake

Healthy and easy Christmas recipe: sugarless berries cake Christmas is coming and often we ask ourselves what to prepare for dessert without falling into stereotypes. In addition, especially in recipes for Christmas desserts, we must ensure that they are sugarless recipes and healthy recipes but as attractive as possible. We can find Christmas recipes for [...]

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Healthy Recipes: Miso soup

healthy recipe for miso soup

Miso soup recipe In this post we explain the multiple properties and health benefits of miso and we recommend taking a miso soup a day, ideally at breakfast, to provide vitamins, minerals and energy required to start the day. Therefore, we also would like to share our miso soup recipe. What is miso soup? The [...]

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What is miso?

miso properties

Miso benefits and properties There are many times we have commented on this blog that miso soup is very good for health and nutrition experts recommend taking miso soup a day.  But… What is miso? Miso is a fermented condiment made ​​from soybeans and unrefined sea salt. Miso means “source of flavor” in Japanese and [...]

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“Mujito”: alcohol-free mojito recipe

non alcoholic mojito coctkail

Mujito: the best non alcoholic mojito coctkail What is “Mujito”? Sweet and refreshing, non-alcoholic mojito is healthy cocktail you can make at any time of year, if you know well how to do it. Nowadays mojito is a worldwide known cocktail, and its acceptance has been so big that we can find mojitos of different [...]

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Healthy Recipes: Tuna tataki with mushrooms risotto

mushrooms risotto recipe

Healthy tuna recipe Today we share one of the most successful recipes of Shamadi Restaurant. It is a healthy and tasty recipe that fits perfectly in special menus like Christmas o New Year’s Eve.  Tuna benefits Tuna is an oily fish high in protein and Omega 3 which, although we should not take it too [...]

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Healthy recipe: millet vegetarian burger

millet vegetarian bean burger

Healthy recipe: veggie bean burger with millet Burger lovers have discovered in vegetarian burger recipes a great alternative to enjoy new and exotic flavors. With this variety, they have shown that a veggie burger can still be delicious without meat or fat. The meatless burgers can also become an excellent dish full of vitamins, and [...]

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Halloween recipe: pumpkin cream

healthy halloween recipe

Fall recipe: Pumpkin cream Nowadays, there is an international growth of Halloween festivity all over the world. Halloween is an American festivity held the night of 31st October, eve of All Saints, and the quintessential vegetable for these days is pumpkin. As many of you you will use empty pumpkins to decorate for Halloween, we [...]

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What is tempeh?

Recipe with fresh tempeh

Tempeh recipe What is tempeh? Tempeh is a food typical of vegetarians or vegans to have a high protein content, meat-like despite being a plant food, made ​​from fermented soybeans in a certain way, usually presented as a cake. It is an Asian product that specifically comes from Indonesia and is especially popular on the [...]

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8 things we should know about sugar

reasons for reduce sugar intake

Why sugar is bad for health In case you haven’t heard, sugar is quite bad for a healthy diet. Part of the reason for this is because the more sugar you consume, the more you crave it.  And while sugar is an ingredient that is definitely worth indulging in once in a while, overindulging can [...]

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Berries properties

berries benefits

Antioxidant berries Berries health benefits Berries, also known as wild berries or red fruits, are especially remarkable for their high antioxidant power. Strawberries, raspberries, gooseberries, blackberries, blueberries, etc. gthey all have in common, besides the red color that characterizes and groups them, their high content of flavonoids. Flavonoids are one of the biggest and effective [...]

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