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Healthy nutrition

Healthy dessert: red berries gelatine


Healthy Recipes for desserts: apple jelly with berries  Ingredients: ½ liter of apple juice 1 teaspoon agar agar 100g raspberries 100 g of strawberry Preparation: Dissolve the agar agar in a little boiling water. Meanwhile, clean the raspberries and strawberries, cut them and place into the bottom of a mold. Fill the mold with the mixture [...]

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Healthy Custard recipe

quick healthy recipes

Healthy Dessert Recipe: Custard without eggs or milk If anything characterizes the gastronomy of the restaurant SHAMADI is its ability to achieve the challenge of making healthy cuisine in a unique experience for the palate with flavor and texture. Definitely one thing that leaves surprised everyone who tries the cuisine of SHA Wellness is its healthy pastries. How [...]

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Easy miso soup recipe


 Traditional miso soup recipe Simple recipe for preparing daily Miso soup typical of Japanese cuisine. Ingredients for japanese miso soup recipe 1 liter of water 1 onion chopped in a half 1 carrot chopped in a half 1 branch of celery 2 shredded of wakame seaweed 3 tbsp of miso paste 1 green onion 100 [...]

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Spring fatigue


How to prevent the Spring asthenia fatigue symptoms What is Spring asthenia? The word “asthenia” comes from the Greek and it means “no force”. Spring asthenia is characterized by a general feeling of weakness and lack of energy which come when the spring arrives. The spring asthenia come accompanied by various symptoms: sleep and appetite, [...]

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Stews azukis with brown rice, carrot cream and tajin


Recipe with Azuki beans For today’s post we teach how to prepare a recipe that will delight our eyes and our palate. Its main ingredients are brown rice, azukis, carrot, kombu and Tajin, ingredients that make a delicious meal which has several health benefits. Remember that we also have posted in this blog an article that [...]

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Chocolate Coulant with Crispy apple and ginger ice cream

Imagen chocolate

Delicious chocolate and apple dessert recipe Today we are showing how to prepare a dessert that has everything: health and taste. Its ingredients fall into the macrobiotic diet type, however we have listed other ingredients for the least perfectionists, since some of the ingredients are difficult to find. Some properties of the ingredients of this [...]

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Healthy nutrition: Marinated whitefish with caramelized onions and lamb’s lettuce


Healthy meal: Marinated whitefish For today´s post we are showing how to prepare a healthy fish recipe. The sesame oil, umeboshi vinegar and mustard give it a peculiar nice touch. As usual, this recipe is full of ingredients which are proven to prevent diseases and improve our health.   White fish is rich in omega 3 [...]

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Healthy nutrition: tasty onion and beet cream

Benefits of beet

Healthy meal: cream with onion and beet For today´s post we are showing how to prepare a tasty and healthy onion and beet cream. This tasty and nutritious meal can be served as a starter for any meal, and it is cheap and easy to prepare. Apart from being tasty, it is a good option [...]

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Healthy Recipes: seitan meatballs with mock tomato

Healthy recipe for vegetarian meatballs without tomato At the request of one of our regular readers, today we share one of the top recipes of SHAmadi Restaurant: seitan meatballs with mock tomato, i e, a delicious vegetarian meatballs recipe. Why meatballs without tomato? Tomato is not a vegetable too recommended in a healthy diet because [...]

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De-Stress Diet

diet to eliminate stress

The best diet to eliminate stress How to regulate the levels of stress through healthy food Good nutrition is essential to manage stress and anxiety. Our experts in healthy nutrition advise basic guidelines to follow a proper de-stress diet that also will help us keep our ideal weight. Foods to avoid in anti-stress diet One [...]

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