Just because you’re not sick doesn’t mean you’re healthy

Healthy nutrition

Nutrition: Spirulina as a protein source

Superfood: Spiruline SHA Wellness Clinic

Energetic foods: The digestibility of spirulina What is spirulina? Declared as the “Millenium Food” by the UNESCO, spirulina is a superfood that contains a large amount of proteins of biological value, nutritive elements, vitamins and minerals. Spirulina has usually spiral shape (where it takes its name from), and is characterized by its deep green color [...]

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Heathy recipe: Vegetable lasagna

Healthy meal: Green lasagna

Summer recipe: Delicious vegetable lasagna Vegetables are always a perfect way to enjoy a healthy summer meal; so today, we show you how to prepare a delicious vegetable lasagna, amazing for enjoying a nice lunch with the people you love the most.   Ingredients for preparing the lasagna: Vegetables Leeks: The beneficial properties of leeks, [...]

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Healthy recipe: Cold soup with almond milk and chives

Healthy recipe: Cold soup with almond milk and fresh chives

Summer dishes: Cold soup with almond milk and fresh chives Traditionally we consider spoon dishes as characteristic of the coldest seasons of the year, but in this case you will be surprised by this delightful and healthy summer recipe: cold soup with almond milk and fresh chives, one of the best SHAMADI‘s recipe. Ingredients for [...]

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What is seitan? Properties and benefits of this healthy food

Delicious food: Seitan as meat substitute

Seitan: Fashionable Vegetarion Meat With a high protein a nutritional value and also known as “vegetable meat”, seitan is wheat gluten itself (reason why celiacs cannot eat this kind of food), separated from the starch and cooked in vegetable brooth, making a delicious and healthy food highly recommended to reduce meat consumption thanks to its [...]

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Healthy dinner: Vegetable bruscheta


Vegetable recipe: Summer bruscheta Light dinners with vegetables are our main allies for combating the high summer temperatures and help us to keep a great body shape in a healthy and natural way; so today, we show you how to prepare a simple and delicious recipe that you will love. Ingredients for the Bruscheta:  2 [...]

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Healthy recipe: Cabbage rolls with quinoa, vegetables, tempeh and coriander salad

Delicious recipe: Cabbage rolls with quinoa, vegetables and tempeh salad

Vegetable recipe: Cabbage rolls with quinoa and tempeh salad In summer we love to eat fresh and healthy dishes, so today, we show you how to prepare one of the most delicious recipes from our restaurant, SHAMADI, exquisite cabbage rolls with quinoa, vegetables, tempeh salad and coriander. Delicious for the palate! Ingredients for the cabbage [...]

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How to get a flat stomach

Fitness and nutrition: Flat stomach

Get a flat stomach for this summer through nutrition Summer is here and we all look for a healthy and toned body to feel comfortable with ourselves; for this reason, today we are suggesting you a list of foods that will help you to get a flat stomach and a healthy lifestyle, really necessary for [...]

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Healthy dessert: Strawberry mousse with crunchy cinnamon

Healthy dessert: Strawberry mousse

Healthy recipe: Strawberry mousse Are you having a dinner with friends? Surprise them with an easy and healthy dessert like this delicious strawberry mousse with crunchy cinnamon. Ready in 30 minutes! Ingredients for preparing the Strawberry Mousse: 1 Kg. Strawberries: A very popular fruit that is well known for its large amount of Vitamin C, [...]

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Healthy and refreshing cocktails for summer

Healthy cocktail: SHA Red Velvet

Refreshing cocktails: Healthy drinks recipes for summer High summer temperatures invite us to drink more, so soft drinks, like healthy cocktails, have became (besides water) our perfect allies to beat the heat. The main objective of this kind of beverages is the contribution of water and nutrients, essentials to moisturize and keep the body healthy. [...]

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Healthy recipes: Cucumber and wakame salad with toasted sesame dressing

Ensalada de Pepino y Wakame con aliño de Sésamo Tostado

Salad recipes: Cucumber and wakame salad Healthy recipes, like this cucumber salad, have become our biggest allies in combating the summer heat. Enjoy while cooking it thanks to the easy preparation of one of our delicious light recipes.     Ingredients to prepare the salad: Cucumber: This is one of the most beneficial vegetables for [...]

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