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Health & Beauty

Body wraps


Body wraps for toning, improving stretch marks, cellulite and tired legs. Body wraps is not a new concept, in fact it dates back to the Egyptians times. Thus it is a technique with several thousand years of history. Body wraps is a highly specialized technique that involves wrapping the body with bandages for healing, conservation or [...]

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Pressotherapy during pregnancy

Pressotherapy treatment

Pressotherapy for water retention during pregnancy Pressotherapy is a very effective treatment for pregnant women, since it improves greatly the symptoms caused by water retention caused during pregnancy. During pregnancy occurs a hormonal misbalance that leads to excessive water retention in some areas of the body, the most frequent areas are legs and ankles, pressotherapy [...]

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Aloe Vera in depth

imagen aloe vera

Aloe Vera, the all in one plant   Aloe Vera or Sabila has gained much popularity in the last ten years. Today we explain the most important properties of Aloe Vera and describe in detail its function and mechanisms of action. Aloe Vera for face   “Aloe Vera activates the production of collagen and helps [...]

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Facial treatment with diamonds

diamond microdermoabrasion

Dazzling Face: diamond microdermabrasion Facial with diamond crystals Microdermabrasion with Crystal Diamond is a last generation facial treatment looking to get an immediate flash effect on your skin with personalized combination of aesthetic medical treatments with therapeutic cosmetics, achieving to rejuvenate, hydrate and firm the skin naturally, without any type of tire, side effects or pain. [...]

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What is my biological age?

biological age chronological age

Telomere test Why do we age? This is a question we ask often. Aging is a biological cause but also involves multiple external factors such as where we live, the environment we surround ourselves with, the lifestyle we lead, what we eat, the exercise we do… Genetics mark 30% of our future but the  70% remaining [...]

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Best Fall Spa Treatment

best beauty treatment for fall

Top Beauty Treatment for Fall Fall is a season when our skin regenerates itself and requires little care and hydration to recover after the attacks to which we have submitted it in summer and to prepare adequately for the cold winter. In addition to following our usual beauty routine of cleansing and moisturizing, the health [...]

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Obesity and longevity

overweight and mortality

Obesity and life expectancy Today we share from the hand of Dr. Vicente Mera the relevant facts and figures about the relationship between overweight and premature mortality. Taking care of our nutrition and our weight is essential to prevent disease so we can live more and better in a healthy way. Health and overweight Obesity [...]

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laser skin rejuvenation

The latest laser technology to restore your skin health What is Fraxel Dual System? Fraxel Dual is the most revolutionary laser rejuvenation in recent years. It is a new type of non agressive laser that works by removing aging skin, which, once renovated, has a more hydrated, smooth and healthy aspect. Fraxel Dual is able [...]

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Acupuncture benefits

miniatura acupuntura

Acupuncture and its benefits for health Acupuncture is a natural therapy from Traditional Chinese Medicine with multiple health benefits. The ultimate goal of Traditional Chinese Medicine is both prevent and preserve health, rather than cure diseases. The practice of natural therapies is very effective during the preparation for the start of a new season like Autumn [...]

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3 basic tips to prolong your tan

prolong suntan

How to extend your tan Now that summer is coming to an end, many of us seek the best ways to keep our skin tanned and dark for longer. As we have said many times, we must always extreme caution on issues related to tanning, because the sun can be very good but also very [...]

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