We are indeed much more than what we eat, but what we eat can nevertheless help us to be much more than what we are.

Health & Beauty

Health means not only feel good inside but also outside. In this category we talk about the latest medical and technological advances to improve both our health and our appearance with non-invasive treatments more innovative.

Beauty: How to avoid sun spots on the skin

Beauty: Skin without sun spots after summer SHA Wellness Clinic

Health and beauty: Save your skin from the aggressions of the sun After summer, one of our main priorities is to recover all the shine and glow of the skin and get a healthy look without sun spots; that is why today we show you 3 home remedies that will help you get your skin [...]

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5 foods that will help you enhance your tan

Nutrition: How to boost your summer tan SHA Wellness Clinic

How to keep your tan for a longer time After a well-deserved summer holidays, one of our main objectives is the maintenance of the beautiful golden skin tone that we get during them; that is why today we show you which 5 foods will help you achieving and maintaining a healthy tan. 5 foods that [...]

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Drinking quality water: The new water that ionizes

Water that ionizes at SHA Wellness Clinic

Water that ionizes at SHA Wellness Clinic Water, main source of life and health, composes the 75% of our body becoming a key for the development of our organism and our life in a healthy way; that is why at SHA Wellness Clinic, we take care and promote the use of quality water.   3 [...]

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Beauty: Protect your hair in summer

How to protect your hair in summer

Health and beauty: How to protect your hair against sun damage Hair care is one of our main concerns throughout the year (the use of shampoos, hair masks, hair dryers and hair irons cause an intense damage in our hair); that is why during summer months, when the sun shines more intensely is really important [...]

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Health: Meditation and wellness tecniques

Masahiro Ouchi visits SHA Wellness Clinic

Masahiro Ouchi visits SHA Wellness Clinic The frenetic way of life that the society we live in requires, prevents us to get completely disconnected from our daily duties and get body, mind and spirit rest in the way they really need; therefore, practices such as meditation or martial arts like Tai Chi are so beneficial [...]

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Food that will help you to protect the skin from psoriasis


Food to prevent psoriasis What is psoriasis? Psoriasis is a chronic inflammatory skin disease characterized by causing irritation, swelling, redness and the inevitable presence of plaques with silvery scales and cracks. Its appearance may be sudden or gradual, and the injuries get worst in stress periods on the person, because in that kind of circumstances [...]

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How to remove stretch marks

beautiful  woman with a sexy body in  underwear

Why do I get stretch marks? Stretch marks occur in the dermis, the elastic middle layer of skin that allows it to maintain its shape. However, when it constantly stretched, the dermis can break  and this is when stretchmarks appear . The skin does not return to its form conditionif it has been stretched very [...]

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Best skin care foods

woman eating apple

Best foods for skin To have a perfect skin and bright face, besides being a matter of genetics, depends on many other factors. Factors such as stress, lack of sleep or pollution are beyond our control, so by following a daily routine of skin care in combination with a healthy skin diet we can fight [...]

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Clear and Brilliant: treatment to fight the effects of aging skin


 How to rejuvenate face and hands? When we talk about aesthetic treatments to restore youth to the skin we think these are specific to seniors. However, treatment Clear+Brilliant is designed for young skins, without much photo-aging, to erase the early signs of aging. But above all, as Dr Dolores Antón, medical-aesthetic at SHA Wellness Clinic [...]

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Collagen and its functions

El colageno y su funcion

How to prevent the aging of our skin As much as we try hard, our skin at the age of 20 begins to change, so for that reason it is very important to be well prepared and have a good amount of amino acids which are essential to produce a high level of collagen and [...]

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