Success is not the key to happiness. Happiness is the key to success. If you love what you are doing you will be successful.

Be Well

Arrange your teeth in only two weeks in SHA’s Clinic Dentistry Unit

Dentista - SHA -1

If you have the technology and equipment needed is perfectly possible, and SHA Dental Unit can do it. How? By combining the latest technology with the human and professional qualities necessary to renew your mouth as pleasantly and fast as possible. This unit practices personalized holistic dentistry and patient information is always receiving a warm and [...]

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Genetic Analysis in antiaging medicine to live longer and better

Genetic Analysis help antiaging medicine to understand our body

Personalized medicine has arrived. A single genetic analysis in life can help you to live longer and better, while you prevent possible diseases. Humans have sought eternal youth forever. The character of Faust in Goethe’s opera or the famous Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde are only two great examples. We all want to stay young [...]

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Exercise for a better sleep

Sleep well

Many times, although we are tired, we have trouble sleeping and we don’t rest properly. The lack of sleep impairs our quality of life, reduces our productivity and concentration at work and increases the risk of physical and psychological problems. Therefore, a good rest is essential for our wellbeing, and a way to help us [...]

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Interview with Paco Avilés, a master with his hands for the welfare of the body


In SHA we are pleased to have Paco Avilés with us until October 18th, a renowned therapist who has treated stars like Pink or Diane Lane. Paco is specialized in holistic massage therapy and has created his own art from the combination of deep tissue massage with a technique called Neuro-Structural Body Work. Paco is [...]

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The ultimate in aesthetics: LipoSonix®, liposuction without surgery

liposonix diagram

SHA Wellness Clinic has just incorporated the newest treatment in non-invasive aesthetic medicine: Liposonix®, the best alternative for those who want to eliminate localized fat without surgery. It is a fast, safe and effective way for fat removal that does not require surgery or anesthesia and uses no injections or needles. Liposonix® is a High [...]

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Tips for returning to the routine and cope the autumn

post-holiday syndrome

Autumn has arrived, and both our body and our mind substantially notice the change of seasons. Not many days ago, although many of us had already begun to work after the holidays, we kept the positive summer spirit and the energy and vitality achieved during our rest days. However, with the temperatures droping down and [...]

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