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What you focus on, you will connect with. If you focus on the obstacle, you will surely meet it! If you focus beyond the obstacle, you will surely miss it!

Be Well

The best beauty treatments for men

SHA Western Diagnosis (02)

Health and beauty are also for men. Figures show that more and more men are interested in feel good both inside and outside. Although SHA public remains mainly female, the difference is minimal (54% female, 46% male approximately in 2012), the percentage of men has increased by almost 10% in the last two years and [...]

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Insomnia, sleeping problems and apnea treatments

Insomnia; CPAP for treating sleeping problems

Sleep is the main healing process of our body and one of the pillars to achieve a healthy life. On the other hand, its absence is one of the most common causes of premature aging. Problems such are insomnia and obstructive apnea are some of the most common disorders that are treated with sleep medicine. [...]

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The definitive method to quit smoking


One of your New Year’s resolutions was to quit smoking and you still do it? With our Anti-tobbaco program not only we help you overcome this challenge but also we provide some tips to stop smoking and not relapse again in the future. You know there are many benefits of quitting smoking for the health [...]

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How to manage the stress: relaxation and meditation

Relaxation and meditation for managing the stress

Nowadays, it is really difficult to find someone without stress. However, as explained by our psychologist Noelia Aguirre, stress does not have to be bad: “If we understand the stress as our alarm at the dangers, we will accept that it is wise to experience some level of stress: if not, we would feel unprotected. [...]

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Karen Himlok: one of the most acclaimed therapist in the world visits SHA


As we told you in this post, over the next few months we will have the honor of receiving highly acclaimed international visiting consultants who have been invited to teach and share their talents and skills of natural therapies. The first visiting consultant is Karen Himlok from South Africa who will be with us until [...]

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Top Therapists at SHA: Karen Himlok, Paco Avilés, Larry Fujimoto and John Tsagaris

Famous therapists: Karen Himlok, Paco Avilés, Larry Fujimoto and John Tsagaris

Hi all! Today we would like to introduce you to four top therapists that are coming to SHA in the next months to transfer their knowledge and do some treatments of their specialities. In SHA Wellness Clinic we like to always work with the best professionals and collaborate with the best international therapists  to learn [...]

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Ayurvedic massages and their health benefits


Do you know what an ayurvedic massage is? Probably, you have heard of this type of massage and question yourself which health benefits can it bring? An Ayurvedic massage is performed with warm essential oils following the guidelines of Ayurveda school. Ayurvedic medicine is an Indian traditional medicine. The term “Ayurveda” means “science of life” [...]

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INDIBA: The new treatment against flaccidity

Treatment to remove the sagging

Hi all! Today we would like to speak about the latest and revolutionary treatment against flaccidity we have just incorporated at SHA: Indiba. Indiba is a new radiofrequency equipment that uses the latest technology in electrotherapy to help professionals in the fields of health and aesthetic medicine. Many clinical articles and research studies attest its [...]

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Tips and remedies against the hair loss

Are you worried about your hair loss?

Did you know that hair health is associated with the kidney function? Hair fall may indicate that we have weak kidneys, and this may be due to excessive consumption of liquids, sugars and other foods in our diet that tend to cool, weaken and cause expansion. Looking at some of the typical foods of the [...]

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Biomimetic Peptides: the most innovative and intelligent way to regenerate your skin

biomimetic peptides

Aesthetic Medicine Unit of SHA Wellness Clinic incorporates in its treatments one of the most innovative and “intelligent” therapies used for skin cell regeneration: biomimetic peptides. Peptides are some natural and intelligent molecules that are found in our skin and they enhance the flow of information that is necessary to repair skin damage. Proteins, for [...]

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