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Home remedies for headache

headache relief

Hello everyone! Today we share with you the most effective and natural home remedies for headache from the hand of Kenneth Prange, expert in nutrition and natural therapies. Unfortunately, headaches and migraines (common in over 12% of the world population), often accompanied by dizziness and even fever, are becoming more common in today’s society and the [...]

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Eight reasons to try t’ai chi

Health benefits of tai chi

What exactly is t’ai chi? It’s a question we are regularly asked by people who are interested in t’ai chi’s fusion of physical exercise and meditative technique, but aren’t quite sure how they work. Thought to have originated in 13th-century China, the slow and deliberate postures of t’ai chi ch’uan, or taijiquan, (often abbreviated to [...]

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The 15 key benefits of meditation according to Stuart Bold


Today we talk about natural health and evidence-based health and wellbeing benefits of meditation and mindfulness in people’s life. Quite simply, the range of health benefits (physical, mental and emotional) are extensive and quite incredible. The learning and practice of meditation is highly effective for pro-active healthcare, for improving health and wellbeing and for addressing [...]

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What is serotherapy?

biological serotherapy

If last week we talked about the benefits of ozone therapy, today we present another new treatment in Biological Medicine. It is the biological serotherapy, a treatment based on intravenous serums completely customized according to specific needs and goals of each person, both within health and wellbeing and physical appearance. Dr. Rosario Garcia answers to [...]

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Facial rejuvenation without surgery: Thermage CPT

good results Thermage

How to rejuvenate your skin with laser Is your skin wrinkled and aged and do not know how to remedy it? With the style of life we ​​live today and the multitude of external agents to which we submit (sun, pollution, snuff, stress…), it is normal that from 35-40 years we notice that our skin [...]

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What is ozone therapy?

ozone therapy for back pain

Biological Medicine: Ozone therapy Although ozone is generally thought of as the layer that protects us from ultraviolet radiation, the truth is that this molecule, though it is toxic, applied in small controlled doses has other more direct applications that are equally beneficial to health. Dr. Rosario Garcia, Licensed in Medicine and Surgery andexpert in [...]

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Massage Therapy

Massage Therapy at SHA spa

 Body massages at SHA “Everyone should take a massage a week“. This sentence was said by our therapist Paco Aviles in the interview we did to him. But he is not the only one who thinks so. Increasingly, therapists, doctors and experts say that massage therapy is one of the best ways to take care [...]

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PhotoDynamic Skin Rejuvenation: say goodbye to facial blemishes

PhotoDynamic Skin Rejuvenation

PhotoDynamic Skin Rejuvenation is the latest therapy to eliminate facial blemishes and sun spots and rejuvenate the skin on the face and neckline, being three times more efficient than some conventional systems. In our daily life we just can’t avoid overexposing ourselves to the sun, even though we shouldn’t because it is not good for [...]

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Enhance your face after the cold winter with the latest facial treatments

Facial treatments at SHA

With the cold and freezing temperatures our skin suffers a lot: some redness appear, our skin is dry, our lips and even our nose are peeled, dead cells accumulate causing increased tightness and shortness of hydration because essential fatty acids arrive outside of our skin, and so on. In addition, other factors specific to the [...]

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Benefits of Pilates Method

Discover the benefits of Pilates in SHA Wellness Clinic spa

Hi all! Surely many of you have heard that Pilates is very good for health but, do you know exactly what are the many benefits of Pilates? With this post we intend to solve many of your questions about the effectiveness of Pilates. Pilates was created by Joseph Pilates in his search for the perfect [...]

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