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Be Well

5 tips to truly relax on vacation

rest on holidays

How to truly rest on holidays Although it seems contradictory, during the summer are detected increased levels of stress and anxiety, which suppose we return to work or routine with high levels of anxiety, and often also with several extra kilos for not eating properly. Holidays are needed to rest and recover lost energy during our [...]

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Detox Treatment

detox massage

Lymphatic drainage with crystal cups What is Detox treatment? Detox massage is a deep lymphatic drainage made ​​with some glass cups with a detox effect (the equipment is called lymphodrainer) that help undo the accumulation of fat, eliminate toxins, fluids and impurities in the body. At the same time, it is a very energetic detox [...]

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Osteopathy Medicine

osteopathy at SHA Wellness Clinic

Osteopathy benefits What is osteopathy? Osteopathy is a natural and holistic therapy that combines a series of manual practices aimed at relieving pain and promoting health and wellness through the body rebalancing and reviving the own healing mechanisms of the body. How does osteopathy work? Osteopathy is based on all body systems working together. They [...]

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Reiki healing

SHA reiki healing

Reiki means “Universal energy” in Japanese but… what is reiki? Reiki is an energy natural therapy originating from Japan which channels human energy through the hands of an expert or reiki master on the energy centres or “chakras” to eliminate certain pains by balancing the mind, body and emotions, thus achieving harmonious energy in a [...]

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Outdoor sports

yoga sha (1)

At this time of year when the days are longer, temperatures usually accompany and we have more free time, it is a good time to practise outdoor sports. As well as they help us to get in shape, they facilitate our brain disconnection, help us move away from our usual routine and increase our sense [...]

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10 benefits of a good sleep

sleep well benefits

The body is governed by a biological clock that marks the time when it should perform each of its functions. Some of those related to beauty and youth occur at night, while you sleep. Therefore it is very important to rest well and sleep well at night because it brings many health benefits. Dr. Vicente [...]

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The best of Aqua Fitness

water aerobics

Aqua fitness or water aerobics is the perfect sport for summer, as we burn calories and do physical effort without noticing the warmth. Additionally, water exercises allow us to perform multiple movements with greater range and freedom of action. Water offers a safe environment in which to perform plenty of water exercises without stress on [...]

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The best slimming massages


As we are all getting ready for summer in this season, many of you ask us about the best treatments for weight loss and reducing volume. So today we present some massages that will help in your purpose of losing weight without effort. The manual Lymphatic Drainage Massage helps to eliminate toxins and excess fluid, [...]

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Young and attractive lips with Lip Refresh

lip refresh: new hyaluronic acid for lips

Would you like to know the latest to have beautiful lips? The Lip Refresh is a new lip revitalization treatment that involves the incorporation of a new hyaluronic acid for lips getting hydrate, nourish and rejuvenate with virtually no increase the volume of your lips. Restylane Lip Refresh was the big news of the last [...]

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Bioresonance Therapy


This novel bioresonance treatment takes advantage of the energy waves emitted by our body to promote their self-healing and improve their overall functioning naturally, boosting our immune system. Dr. Ines Cremades we respond to frequently asked questions (FAQ) on quantum bioresonance. What is Bioresonance Therapy? Bioresonance therapy assesses the energy performance of the human body [...]

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