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Let the food be your medicine, and the medicine be your food.

Be Well

BAL: Butt, Abs & Legs

fitness for butt abs and legs

BAL: firm buttocks, six pack abs  and perfect legs What is BAL? BAL training system comes from the union of three words that define exactly what it is: Butt, Abs and Legs. Practicing BAL consists of a group of exercises dedicated to strengthening and toning these three areas that are often the most affected ir [...]

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Facial treatment with diamonds

diamond microdermoabrasion

Dazzling Face: diamond microdermabrasion Facial with diamond crystals Microdermabrasion with Crystal Diamond is a last generation facial treatment looking to get an immediate flash effect on your skin with personalized combination of aesthetic medical treatments with therapeutic cosmetics, achieving to rejuvenate, hydrate and firm the skin naturally, without any type of tire, side effects or pain. [...]

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Detox diet for liver care

detox diet for liver care

Nutritional tips to detoxify the liver The importance of the liver Liver disease (diseases affecting the liver) are an increasingly common problem in our society and traditionally considered eastern medicine the liver as one of the most important organs of our body because the liver is directly related to our immune system. The liver and [...]

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Exercises for a healthy heart

heart disease

 How to prevent cardiovascular disease What are cardiovascular diseases? Cardiovascular diseases or heart diseases are those health problems related to the functioning of the heart and now represent a major cause of mortality in developed countries, causing more deaths than cancer and AIDS together. How can prevent heart disease? The basic recommendations of the World [...]

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Benefits of sleeping 8 hours

6 hours sleep

Sleep 8 hours Do we really need to sleep 8 hours?  Everyone has heard the phrase “We need to sleep 8 hours a day” or “Sleeping 8 hours is good for health.” But, is this statement true? 8 hours is the approximate average we need sleep, but each person has his individual needs and the [...]

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TBC: Total Body Conditioning


TBC Fitness: Total Body Conditioning To get fit and lose weight after Christmas we don’t only need a healthy diet but also to do some exercise so we can recover our phyisical condition. One of the funniest and more effective forms of exercise at the moment is Total Body Conditioning Fitness, consisting of various exercises [...]

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What is shiatsu?


Shiatsu massage: what is it? What is a shiatsu massage? Shiatsu is a Japanese treatment that uses the same energy points than acupuncture, using finger pressure instead of using needles. In fact, shiatsu means “finger pressure” in Japanese. Therefore, Shiatsu ia also called digitoacupuncture.  What is shiatsu treatment? Shiatsu combines a smooth movement of the [...]

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What is my biological age?

biological age chronological age

Telomere test Why do we age? This is a question we ask often. Aging is a biological cause but also involves multiple external factors such as where we live, the environment we surround ourselves with, the lifestyle we lead, what we eat, the exercise we do… Genetics mark 30% of our future but the  70% remaining [...]

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What is reflexology?

foot points reflexology chart

Foot reflexology What is reflexology? Foot reflexology, also known as reflex therapy is a natural therapy based on an ancient technique that treats different parts of the body through certain points located on the feet. Reflexology is not only a technique of foot massage and it can also be done in other parts of the [...]

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Sport benefits in a healthy diet

sports routine for lose weight

Benefits of physical exercise in a healthy diet It is scientifically proven that doing sport during a diet, either it is a diet to lose weight, to detox or to improve your overall health, increase its effectiveness and benefits. Physical exercise is closely related to nutrition, as nutrition and sports and are inseparable when it [...]

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