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Be Well

Five tips to avoid post-vacation syndrome

Get back to work with a smile SHA Wellness Clinic

Guidelines to adjust yourself to the routine as quick as possible After summer holidays, the return to work and to the normal routine, give rise to a complex adaptation period that is popularly known as “post-vacation syndrome” or “post vacation blues” that can be identified because of the stress caused by schedule changes, habits, and [...]

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Beauty: Protect your hair in summer

How to protect your hair in summer

Health and beauty: How to protect your hair against sun damage Hair care is one of our main concerns throughout the year (the use of shampoos, hair masks, hair dryers and hair irons cause an intense damage in our hair); that is why during summer months, when the sun shines more intensely is really important [...]

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How to remove stretch marks

beautiful  woman with a sexy body in  underwear

Why do I get stretch marks? Stretch marks occur in the dermis, the elastic middle layer of skin that allows it to maintain its shape. However, when it constantly stretched, the dermis can break  and this is when stretchmarks appear . The skin does not return to its form conditionif it has been stretched very [...]

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Best skin care foods

woman eating apple

Best foods for skin To have a perfect skin and bright face, besides being a matter of genetics, depends on many other factors. Factors such as stress, lack of sleep or pollution are beyond our control, so by following a daily routine of skin care in combination with a healthy skin diet we can fight [...]

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Clear and Brilliant: treatment to fight the effects of aging skin


 How to rejuvenate face and hands? When we talk about aesthetic treatments to restore youth to the skin we think these are specific to seniors. However, treatment Clear+Brilliant is designed for young skins, without much photo-aging, to erase the early signs of aging. But above all, as Dr Dolores Antón, medical-aesthetic at SHA Wellness Clinic [...]

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Collagen and its functions

El colageno y su funcion

How to prevent the aging of our skin As much as we try hard, our skin at the age of 20 begins to change, so for that reason it is very important to be well prepared and have a good amount of amino acids which are essential to produce a high level of collagen and [...]

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Pressotherapy during pregnancy

Pressotherapy treatment

Pressotherapy for water retention during pregnancy Pressotherapy is a very effective treatment for pregnant women, since it improves greatly the symptoms caused by water retention caused during pregnancy. During pregnancy occurs a hormonal misbalance that leads to excessive water retention in some areas of the body, the most frequent areas are legs and ankles, pressotherapy [...]

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Aloe Vera in depth

imagen aloe vera

Aloe Vera, the all in one plant   Aloe Vera or Sabila has gained much popularity in the last ten years. Today we explain the most important properties of Aloe Vera and describe in detail its function and mechanisms of action. Aloe Vera for face   “Aloe Vera activates the production of collagen and helps [...]

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Excercises for a healthy back

postural reeducation

Postural Re-education for a Healthy Back Backache Back pain is considered by many experts as the “evil of the century”. Nearly 8 in 10 people experience some form of discomfort or illness in the spine: low back pain, neck pain, herniated discs, muscle spasms, scoliosis, sciatica… there are many back diseases and the vast majority [...]

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Heavy metals chelation

natural metal chelation

Natural metal chelation What is the natural heavy metal chelation? Chelation of heavy metals is a noninvasive system for the removal of heavy metals from the body. This process is to help remove heavy metals accumulated within us in amounts that are toxic to the body. It is best to perform the chelation of heavy [...]

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