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The first wealth is health.
Ralp W. Emerson

Be Healthy

Healthy Recipes: Rice Porridge

healthy breakfast: rice porridge recipe

What is porridge? Porridge is one of the most famous and international healthy breakfasts, usual in many homes as a fundamental part of a healthy and balanced diet. It is usually made by cooking for a long oats, rice, other grains or even legumes. Today we share with you our healthy recipe of rice porridge [...]

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Home remedies for constipation

constipation pregnancy

What is constipation? Constipation is an illness or discomfort with the lack of regular movement of our intestinal system that makes our bowels not to be empty when it is due. In our society, constipation is increasingly common due to our sedentary lifestyle and wrong eating, with lack of liquids and fiber. In addition, some [...]

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Health benefits of practising paddle


The paddle, like any sport, provides many health benefits. In the case of paddle, we do not only improve our fitness condition and burn calories, which helps us to get fit, but also we improve our coordination of movements, our agility and our reflexes while we tone our body. Being an essentially aerobic sport, paddle [...]

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Healthy Recipes: red lentil soup with curry


Happy Thursday! Today we bring you another simple and healthy recipe with one of the quintessential ingredients of a healthy diet: lentils. This healthy recipe with red lentil is perfect for a healthy diet, and it includes several of the #HealthyCookingTips that our partners of Shamadi have been sharing in social networks as, for example, [...]

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Healthy Recipes: Red rice with vegetables and seitan

Healthy recipes: red rice with vegetables and seitan

Happy Valentine’s Day! As every Thursday we bring you a healthy recipe so that you can do it at home. Today’s healthy recipe is very simple and its main ingredient is red rice, also known as red yeast rice. Red rice is part of the traditional oriental food, which they use as food and natural [...]

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Healthy Recipes: Special apple cake, your dessert for Valentine’s Day


Happy Thursday! The healthy recipe for today is something special: we want to propose you to cook a healthy dessert without sugar, hoping it will be useful to you as a different and original gift for your Valentine. We know that love is something that should be demonstrated every day, but it never hurts to [...]

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Healthy Recipes: Macrobiotic Doughnuts

Buñuelos de chocolate 2

Happy Thursday! This week we want to finish with the myth that to maintain a healthy diet we should not eat sweets or desserts. That’s why we want to share the recipe for a very tasty dessert… And also with chocolate! The main idea, as Pablo Montoro explained in this post, is to replace harmful [...]

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Healthy Recipes: Tuna Tartar

Tartar de atun 2

Happy Thursday everyone! Like every week, we share with you a healthy recipe. To choose it, this time we did a survey on SHAMADI’s Facebook and although the results have been quite at odds, the tuna tartar won. The coming weeks will try to bring up the rest. Thanks for participating! The Tuna Tartar is [...]

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Healthy Recipes: Smoked Mint Grilled Vegetables with dried fruits puree and grated truffle

Healthy meals: grilled vegetables recipe

Hello everyone and Happy Thursday! Today we would like to share with you a new healthy recipe. A few weeks ago we told you how to cook a Quinoa Salad quickly and easily. Well, today we want you to try to do something more elaborate recipe to give your table a gourmet touch without sacrificing [...]

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Functional Training: the best training for your everyday life


Functional Training is a very effective personal training that adapts the exercises to individual needs aimed at improving the daily functions and enhancing the quality of life of those who practice it. They are multi-joint and multi-muscular exercises seeking to develop the intelligence of human movement. The main difference between functional training and conventional training [...]

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