The first wealth is health.
Ralp W. Emerson

Be Healthy

Healthy and refreshing cocktails for summer

Healthy cocktail: SHA Red Velvet

Refreshing cocktails: Healthy drinks recipes for summer High summer temperatures invite us to drink more, so soft drinks, like healthy cocktails, have became (besides water) our perfect allies to beat the heat. The main objective of this kind of beverages is the contribution of water and nutrients, essentials to moisturize and keep the body healthy. [...]

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Healthy recipes: Cucumber and wakame salad with toasted sesame dressing

Ensalada de Pepino y Wakame con aliño de Sésamo Tostado

Salad recipes: Cucumber and wakame salad Healthy recipes, like this cucumber salad, have become our biggest allies in combating the summer heat. Enjoy while cooking it thanks to the easy preparation of one of our delicious light recipes.     Ingredients to prepare the salad: Cucumber: This is one of the most beneficial vegetables for [...]

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Food that will help you to protect the skin from psoriasis


Food to prevent psoriasis What is psoriasis? Psoriasis is a chronic inflammatory skin disease characterized by causing irritation, swelling, redness and the inevitable presence of plaques with silvery scales and cracks. Its appearance may be sudden or gradual, and the injuries get worst in stress periods on the person, because in that kind of circumstances [...]

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Healthy recipe: Green cream with crunchy carrot

Healthy cream recipe

Delicious recipe of vegetable cream with crunchy carrot Today we show you how to prepare a simple and, at the same time, delicious green cream with crunchy carrot. Creams have become one of the best and easiest options when cooking for vegetable lovers and, in this case, our recipe is a healthy dinner that you [...]

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Green detox juice with celery


Celery, green apple with lime and ginger juice Normally all of us take the spring to prepare our body for summer and lose weight. Natural detox juices and smoothies are a delicious and a healthy option to detoxify our body, glow our skin and feel energized. Fruit and vegetables juices are highly recommended for health but is convenient [...]

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Healthy dessert: red berries gelatine


Healthy Recipes for desserts: apple jelly with berries  Ingredients: ½ liter of apple juice 1 teaspoon agar agar 100g raspberries 100 g of strawberry Preparation: Dissolve the agar agar in a little boiling water. Meanwhile, clean the raspberries and strawberries, cut them and place into the bottom of a mold. Fill the mold with the mixture [...]

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Legs workout

Easy exercises for great legs Summer is near and we all want to know how to have perfect legs. Our personal trainer Elisabeth Briegas has prepared this simple Exercises and routines to get perfect legs to get you started right now to get those great legs! Exercise 1: Starting position: Lying face down legs and arms outstretched [...]

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Healthy Custard recipe

quick healthy recipes

Healthy Dessert Recipe: Custard without eggs or milk If anything characterizes the gastronomy of the restaurant SHAMADI is its ability to achieve the challenge of making healthy cuisine in a unique experience for the palate with flavor and texture. Definitely one thing that leaves surprised everyone who tries the cuisine of SHA Wellness is its healthy pastries. How [...]

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Easy miso soup recipe


 Traditional miso soup recipe Simple recipe for preparing daily Miso soup typical of Japanese cuisine. Ingredients for japanese miso soup recipe 1 liter of water 1 onion chopped in a half 1 carrot chopped in a half 1 branch of celery 2 shredded of wakame seaweed 3 tbsp of miso paste 1 green onion 100 [...]

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Spring fatigue


How to prevent the Spring asthenia fatigue symptoms What is Spring asthenia? The word “asthenia” comes from the Greek and it means “no force”. Spring asthenia is characterized by a general feeling of weakness and lack of energy which come when the spring arrives. The spring asthenia come accompanied by various symptoms: sleep and appetite, [...]

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