Health is not everything but without health everything is nothing.


Dr. Maria Blasco will speak of telomeres and healthy aging at SHA


Dr. María A. Blasco Marhuenda, one of the most renowned scientists of Spain, will visit SHA on Friday March 22nd as keynote speaker of the conference “The keys to a long healthy life”. Director of the National Cancer Research Centre (CNIO), Head of Telomeres and Telomerase Group of the centre and recently awarded as Honorary [...]

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What can SHA do for you? Tips and advice to improve your health and wellbeing

Our experts will advice you to improve your health and wellbeing

Happy Tuesday! Today we’d like you to spare a few minutes to ask yourself what are your major aches, pains and bad habits and that you try to think what can be done to remedy them. For example… Do you have frequent headaches? Did you know that Umeboshi is a natural painkiller that can help [...]

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New fertility treatment: ‘Fertility Success’

Our fertility treatment increases your possibilites to have children

One of the news for the 2013 in SHA Wellness Clinic is the launch of the new Fertility Success Program. We have joined up with the prestigious Reproduction Unit of the Clínica Vistahermosa, pioneer in reproductive and fertility treatments, with over 20 years of experience, to launch this revolutionary program in which the best professionals are [...]

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How to meet your good resolutions for the New Year


Happy 2013! New year, new life. With the start of a new year many of us tend to take stock of the previous year and even bookmark our list of purposes and resolutions for in the coming year and, sometimes, even we are sad to think about what we missed last year. Our psychologist Noelia [...]

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New Year’s Eve 2012 in SHA: the best way to end the year and start 2013 off right

Christmas Eve at SHA

Still have not decided where to go on New Year’s Eve and you would like to do something original and different in a special atmosphere with spectacular views of the Mediterranean Sea? In SHA we propose you an unbeatable plan: a special and gourmet dinner in our Shamadi restaurant, made ​​from healthy ingredients by the [...]

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Merry Christmas to all!

Merry Christmas

On this special day we would like to send you our best wishes full of health, wellness and vitality. The soul is an adventurer who comes into being to explore and experience life as it is. It has a clear and unique purpose which is to find happiness and joy in everything around you and [...]

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Original Christmas decorations: surprise with handmade ornaments

mandarina - copia

If you have read our interview with Pablo Montoro a few weeks ago you will already know that you can create healthy menus for these holidays without sacrificing health or the palate. However, if you are one of those who prefer not to cook and celebrate special dates away from home, you can always come [...]

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Christmas Activities at SHA Life Learning Program

Christmas Activities

Learning how to take better care at Christmas, cooking healthy attractive menus or making Christmas desserts without sugar are just some of the activities of SHA for these Christmas. As many of you already know, in SHA we offer our guests a full weekly schedule of group activities where you can participate and learn how [...]

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SHA review in Monocle magazine


November has been a great month for SHA! We have appeared in many online and offline media over the world such as Monocle, a great UK magazine we love! Santiago Rodríguez Tarditi (writer) and Mariano Herrera (photographer) came to SHA to discover what they describe as “a perfectly balanced lifestyle”. In the article, they talk [...]

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Reworklution: the social work revolution


Do you already know what Reworklution is? It’s a new social network recently launched that serves as a fundamental working tool for professionals and users, in which SHA has the honor of being one of the first companies that has been part of the project since its inception. It is a powerful network of top [...]

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