Should we rediscover the simple life?


Visiting Master: Joao Santos

Joao Santos guest therapist

As part of our continuous improvement effort to offer the best to our guests, in SHA we regularly invite some of the most famous and prestigious therapists on the international scene, so that our guests can enjoy their star treatments for a certain period of time and better understand their philosophy of working with the [...]

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Employee of the Month: May 2013

employees of the month 2013

As many of you may know, in SHA Wellness Clinic we have the good habit of highlighting the talent and the work of a member of the SHA team each month by a vote conducted among all departments and colleagues (and we are almost 200!). The “Employee of the Month” is a way not only to [...]

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Summer treatments

summer special spa treatments

Summer is made ​​to enjoy, relax, have fun, rest… and we give you the perfect formula to make the most of this summer. Experts say summer is the best time not only to relax and eliminate stress, but to fulfill purposes such as quitting smoking, changing to a healthier lifestyle with a healthy diet and [...]

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The best sunscreen for your skin

sun protection

Social awareness to strengthen sunscreen is increasingly achieved but it is worth to remark its importance now summer is arriving, as summer is the time of year where the sun can damage more our skin health. As we know, protecting from the sun is essential to prevent sunspots and burns that sometimes may even lead [...]

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5 tips for weight loss


The perfect plan to lose weight successfully 1. Identify your ideal weight Find out what is your ideal weight  and make that your goal. And if you don’t know what that might be, try to calculate what your BMI (Body Mass Index) should be. Now you have a weight goal to shoot for. Practice in [...]

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Bhante Kondanna at SHA

bhante kondanna, bhuddist monk

Bhante Kondanna, the prestigious buddhist monk, mentor and meditation teacher of famous people such as Shakira, will visit SHA from May 16th to 18th. Bhante Homagama Kondanna Bhikku is a follower of the Theravada school that preserves the original purity of Buddha’s teaching and maintains that meditation is like the inevitable path to self discovery [...]

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Telomerase for rejuvenation and life extension

anticancer research with telomere and telomerase

Anticancer using Telomere Research Last Friday March 22nd we hosted at SHA a seminar about anti-aging entitled: “The keys to a long healthy life” in which renowned scientists like Dr. Maria Blasco Marhuenda, Dr. Gloria Sabater and Dr. Vicente Mera discussed about the latest advances in telomere and telomerase research and its application in areas such as rejuvenation, anti-aging for [...]

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Dr. Maria Blasco will speak of telomeres and healthy aging at SHA


Dr. María A. Blasco Marhuenda, one of the most renowned scientists of Spain, will visit SHA on Friday March 22nd as keynote speaker of the conference “The keys to a long healthy life”. Director of the National Cancer Research Centre (CNIO), Head of Telomeres and Telomerase Group of the centre and recently awarded as Honorary [...]

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What can SHA do for you? Tips and advice to improve your health and wellbeing

Our experts will advice you to improve your health and wellbeing

Happy Tuesday! Today we’d like you to spare a few minutes to ask yourself what are your major aches, pains and bad habits and that you try to think what can be done to remedy them. For example… Do you have frequent headaches? Did you know that Umeboshi is a natural painkiller that can help [...]

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New fertility treatment: ‘Fertility Success’

Our fertility treatment increases your possibilites to have children

One of the news for the 2013 in SHA Wellness Clinic is the launch of the new Fertility Success Program. We have joined up with the prestigious Reproduction Unit of the Clínica Vistahermosa, pioneer in reproductive and fertility treatments, with over 20 years of experience, to launch this revolutionary program in which the best professionals are [...]

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