We are indeed much more than what we eat, but what we eat can nevertheless help us to be much more than what we are.


In this section you will find specific information of our center so you can be always abreast of the latest news, events or promotions. In addition, we recommend movies, books, exhibitions and other things that can help you better understand our philosophy and lifestyle.

Healthy books to enjoy your days off

Healthy summer: Book recommendations for this summer SHA Wellness Clinic

Do you like reading? We give you 3 book recommendations for relaxing this summer Summer holidays have finally arrived! Beach, sea, sun (always protecting your skin with sunscreen) and plenty of free time for enjoying the things you love most, like reading; that is why today we recommend you three books for learning and having [...]

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Drinking quality water: The new water that ionizes

Water that ionizes at SHA Wellness Clinic

Water that ionizes at SHA Wellness Clinic Water, main source of life and health, composes the 75% of our body becoming a key for the development of our organism and our life in a healthy way; that is why at SHA Wellness Clinic, we take care and promote the use of quality water.   3 [...]

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Health: Meditation and wellness tecniques

Masahiro Ouchi visits SHA Wellness Clinic

Masahiro Ouchi visits SHA Wellness Clinic The frenetic way of life that the society we live in requires, prevents us to get completely disconnected from our daily duties and get body, mind and spirit rest in the way they really need; therefore, practices such as meditation or martial arts like Tai Chi are so beneficial [...]

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Haru Matsuri: Spring festival


Haru Matsuri Haru Matsuri literally means spring festival. The Japanese carry out ​​a lot of activities and events, that traditionally were intended to pray for a new crop and to welcome the spring. With spring comes the blooming period, which for the Japanese means change, a new beginning. Featured Events and activities   The Hanami Hanami [...]

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Ai Chi: Tai Chi in the water

Ai Chi: Relaxation and exercise in the water

Introduccion to Ai Chi Ai chi is a strengthening and relaxation technique, similar to Tai chi, but with the difference that it is performed into the water. Ai Chi fuses East and West philosophies, and it integrates physical, mental and spiritual energy. Ai Chi was created to assist  people that are going through physical rehabilitation [...]

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Special father´s day: the best treatment for men

foto dia del padre

The best treatment for men   Stress, lack of sleep and poor diet are characteristics that are more and more present in the lifestyle of today´s men. Therefore, and since Father´s Day is around the corner, we are presenting some original gift ideas for them on their day. According to the latest statistics, the concern [...]

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SHA Boutique contest- World Health Day contest


World Health Day contest #myhealthdesire Hello everyone! Next 7th of April, it is World Health Day,  and at SHA we want to celebrate this significant day which is very important for us with a contest. We believe health is not only a right, but a gift, and this time we are the ones who would like [...]

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Special plan for Valentine’s Day 2014

Special plan for valentine's day

Healthy Valentine’s Day With the arrival of February couples start thinking about how to celebrate Valentine’s Day in a special way. In addition, in 2014 the 14th Febuary is Friday, so it is perfect to prepare a healthy Valentine’s plan for the weekend. Our Valentine’s proposal? A special Valentine’s package to get started as a [...]

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10 healthy resolutions for 2014

new year resolutions 2014

List of resolutions for the New Year 2014 1. Set our goals and objectives …And meet them! Making lists like this only works if we fully intend to fulfill them every day, not just during the beginning of the year. 2. Start with the purposes we left behind Lose weight after Christmas, quit smoking, join [...]

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Happy and healthy Christmas to all!

new years eve at sha wellness clinic

In these special dates, from SHA Method we would like to send all our readers, friends and guests our best wishes full of health, wellness and vitality. Furthermore, we recap our top tips for coping with Christmas without falling into excess. For example, we propose a complete healthy menu that you can prepare from home [...]

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