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SHA review in Monocle magazine

November has been a great month for SHA! We have appeared in many online and offline media over the world such as Monocle, a great UK magazine we love!

Santiago Rodríguez Tarditi (writer) and Mariano Herrera (photographer) came to SHA to discover what they describe as “a perfectly balanced lifestyle”. In the article, they talk about many aspects of SHA and they interview Mr. Alfredo Bataller -President and Founder of SHA- and his son Alejandro Bataller -Vice President of the wellness clinic-, where they talk about things such as the great weather and its benefits for a healthy life, or the importance of following a healthy diet.

They also talked to many of our experts such as Kenneth Prange, one of our Healthy Nutrition experts, and explained SHA’s history. If you want to read the full article you can subscribe to the magazine and read it here.

Thanks a lot to them for this great publication!