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At the time you least expect, in the place you least expect, expect to be surprised!

SHA Experience through the eyes of four famous bloggers

Last weekend took place the first blog trip organized by SHA Wellness Clinic, which was attended by four prestigious bloggers: Teresa Zafra (De lunares y naranjas y Mi primer embarazo), Eva Paris (Diario del viajero y Bebés y más), Macarena Gea (Hadas y algo más) and Jesus Terrés (Nada importa y Mantel y Cuchillo), known for their blogs about travel, trends and lifestyle.

Blog Trip at SHA: bloggers enjoying their treatments
The bloggers enjoying their SHA experience

The SHA Wellness Clinic vice president, Alejandro Bataller, received the participants of the blog trip with a healthy welcome  cocktail during which he shared with the group the origin and concept of the wellness clinic, and the secrecy that has helped them become in only four years an international benchmark, helping those who visit them to acquire a  much healthier lifestyle.

Blog Trip at SHA: bloggers talking with Pablo Montoro
Alejandro Bataller and Pablo Montoro offered an interesting talk about SHA philosophy

During the blog trip, bloggers learned about SHA Wellness Clinic firsthand, staying in their suites, receiving different natural therapies in its newly expanded Wellness Area and tasting the attractive dishes of SHA Diet at Shamadi Restaurant, created ​​by the chef Pablo Montoro, who could also participate in a pleasant talk where it became clear that “healthy nutrition can also be tasty and creative”.

Blog Trip at SHA: bloggers at Shamadi Restaurant
The maitre explaining the different healthy menus offered at Shamadi

Participants also enjoyed several activities at SHA Life Learning Center, an educational program that SHA offers all their guests: pilates, aqua fitness or interesting talks, as the on offered by Dr. Vicente Mera about antiaging and the latest news in genetics. They also had the opportunity to go to a personalized consultation about healthy nutrition and natural therapies.

During their stay, #blogtripSHA was the hashtag used by the bloggers that shared at Twitter or Instagram multitude of photos and thoughts and showed how much they enjoyed and learned in this unforgettable journey of health and wellness. Among their experiences, we highlight that for Eva Paris the stay was “amazing in every way. It has been fascinating”; Jesus Terrés gets the “whole  macrobiotic universe I’ve met and I found very interesting”; Macarena Gea was willing to change some aspects of her life to make it healthier; and Teresa Zafra was delighted  because each treatment was customized for her pregnancy.

And sure soon they tell us more about their SHA experiences on their own blogs. We look forward to their posts!

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